C328 Davison Life Sciences

2nd Year PhD Candidate

Co-Advised by John Wares and Bud Freeman

B.S. University of California Santa Cruz

Awards and Funding

  • Travel Stipend Society for the Study of Evolution, 2016
  • NIH T32 Genetics Training Grant, 2016
  • Robin Hightower Genetics Graduate Support Fund, 2016
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (Honorable Mention), 2016
  • Scholar of Excellence Assistantship – University of Georgia, 2015
Research Area: 
Selected Publications: 

Peer Reviewed

Correa, S.B.,  J. K. Arujo, J. Penha, C. N. da Cunha, K. E. Bobier, J. T. Anderson. Stability and generalization in seed dispersal networks: a case study of frugivorous fish in Neotropical wetlands. Proc. R. Soc. B 2016 283 20161267; DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2016.1267. Published 31 August 2016


B. Freeman1, K. Bobier, K. Petersen, J. Wares. Status of Nothonotus darters in the Lower Etowah River and Raccoon Creek. 2016

Robbins, K., K. Bobier, D. Hubacker. Petaluma Watershed Steelhead Monitoring Report: 2014/2015 Spawning Surveys. 2015.

Morrison, A., K. Bobier, B. Keimel. Petaluma Watershed Steelhead Monitoring Report: 2013-2014 Spawning Surveys. 2014.

Research Interests Detail: 

I am broadly interested in diversity, biogeography, speciation, and behavior of fishes.